My Story

Hi! I'm Parry, the owner, and designer at Miss Chopsticks Origami Jewellery. I was born in China and raised in the small seaside town of Shantou, where I learned the art of origami as a child. Currently, I reside in Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia.
My journey began after hearing a story about Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. Sadako, a little girl in Japan, was exposed to radiation during WWII when the atomic bomb hit Hiroshima. She was diagnosed with leukemia and decided to fold 1,000 cranes while in the hospital, hoping to be granted good health.
I was deeply moved by her story and was inspired to share the intricate art and meaning of origami in the form of handmade jewellery in 2009. My aim is to create something that is not only beautiful, but also carries a message of peace, love, and hope to those who wear it.