The Garden Collection: Where Origami Flourishes and Chocolate Delights

The Garden Collection: Where Origami Flourishes and Chocolate Delights

Hello lovely Souls,

Do you believe in the magic of unexpected connections?

Picture this: two worlds collide amidst the hustle and bustle of the Tasmania Craft Fair, weaving a tale of creativity, passion, and a sprinkle of serendipity.

I want to invite you on a journey where handmade meets heartcrafted, as I unveil the enchanting collaboration that transcends the ordinary. It all began with a chance encounter, a spark of inspiration, and a shared love for the artistry of handmade treasures.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a symphony of flavours, textures, and emotions, as we dive into the mesmerizing fusion of origami wonders and artisanal delights.

Our paths first crossed at the amazing Tasmania Craft Fair in November last year 2023, where Jessica and I just clicked through our passion for handmade. Amidst the vibrant stalls and bustling crowds, I clearly remember the moment when Jessica's eyes lit up with curiosity as she admired my display of intricate origami jewellery, her infectious enthusiasm mirroring my own love for the art form. We struck up a conversation, swapping stories of creativity, inspiration, and the joy of crafting by hand. Little did I know that this chance encounter would blossom into a beautiful collaboration that would intertwine our artistic visions in ways we never imagined.

The Journey Behind the Collaboration

My story with Miss Chopsticks Origami Jewellery began with the intricate folds of origami jewellery where every fold has a special meaning to a personal story of hope, love, and peace. Now, a new chapter unfolds as I partner with Jessica, a Bean to Bar Chocolate Sommelier, Judge, Reviewer, and Ambassador who brings a whole new dimension to the artistry we are creating.

Meet Jessica Tivendale - A Creative Maestro

Jessica, the creative force behind Chokolate Journeys – Flavour Fuelled Adventures, isn't just a chocolate connoisseur; she's a Multi-Sensory Communicator and Creative Artist. She has reviewed and judged countless Bean and Bar chocolates and other confections from around the world and has been on judging panel for both the International Chocolate Awards and the World Chocolate Awards.

Her adventures in flavourful experiences, coupled with her knack for collaboration, make her the perfect partner for this heart-warming venture.

What to Expect:

Our collaboration promises a symphony of flavours and aesthetics, intertwining the delicate folds of origami with the rich flavour notes of Bean to Bar chocolates. Be captivated by this enchanting The Garden Collectiona place where you will find solace, peace, and restoration. A collection of love, resilience, beauty, and the joy found in life's simple pleasures. 

Where to Find the Magic 

If you crave an exclusive first look at the upcoming The Garden Collection, join the Insider Community here. Stay in the loop to be the first to witness the magic of this amazing collaboration!

To catch a glimpse of Jessica's fascinating world of chocolate, hop over to her Instagram: jessicachokolatejourneys. Discover the artistry behind Chokolate Journeys – Flavour Fuelled Adventures, and the flavours that inspire our collaboration.

Connect with Us

Reach out and connect with us on social or email.

Miss Chopsticks Instagram and Chokolate Journeys Instagram. We love to connect and chat with you, so drop us a message or send an email. We can't wait to hear from you and share the excitement of this collaboration!

I am so grateful to you for being part of this soulful journey with Miss Chopsticks Origami Jewellery and Chokolate Journeys. Together, let's unwrap the magic and celebrate the beauty of art, flavour, and the extraordinary bond between you and your loved ones.

Collection drop date:

Saturday, 27th April 2024, 10:30 AM (Sydney Time, AEST)

Stay tuned for the grand reveal! 


Warmth and creativity,

Parry (Miss Chopsticks Origami Jewellery)

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